Investment Opportunities

In this investment model, the return depends on you

At Arqwave, we’re looking for a specific kind of investor, because our energy efficiency projects are best-suited to people who hold out for those rare opportunities where they can make a difference with their money, while their money works for them.

Energy retrofit projects are solid investments because they hold the potential for substantial and stable returns. Energy costs continue to increase over time, increasing the savings to Arqwave clients and therefore keeping the risk fairly low.

And while substantial and stable financial returns can be very satisfying, our investors can also take pride in knowing that they are helping small to medium sized businesses and facilities to reduce their negative impacts on the planet.

Finally, as our clients solve their business challenges, they become stronger in their communities, improving their products and services and delivering better economic returns.

If people, planet and profits fits your value proposition, we would love to talk with you.

Investors Inquiry

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