The Virtuous Circles

Our four-stream process ensures you achieve what you set out to do. Blending facility management, engineering and financial modeling, we help you establish your unique plan and keep the vision consistent from conception to operations.

The better way

An energy audit identifies the potential hiding within your operations to save energy, but also to decrease unplanned down time, production losses, overall maintenance and noise, and ultimately improve the quality of living, working environments.

Through the audit, many clients discover that improved productivity and production is a greater motivation to proceed than the efficiency upgrades, energy efficiency or reduced utility costs can provide the means to begin the process.

Once power and other saving opportunities are identified, we translate this into your unique financial opportunity to address some of your broader business priorities, such as deferred maintenance issues.

Power is Money

It’s simple – a penny saved is 1.5 to two pennies earned. So, the cost per square foot for energy retrofit has more can have a larger financial impact on the bottom line than other business investments. Most small to mid-sized facilities are sitting on a 20 – 30% ROI, but they assume it’s a fixed cost or the cost to recover it is prohibitive.

But the real key is translating those cost savings into growth or investment capital. Once we assess the value of your savings, to you and to a lender if required, Arqwave can provide access the capital you need for any retrofit costs and typically for much more as well.

And we identify your stipulated savings – the further operational savings opportunities you can realize on items like maintenance labour that are not counted into your capital payback schedule and guarantee.

We know where to find grants and if they’re applicable, we can apply for them on your behalf. And finally, we finance or source financing for all aspects of your projects and develop a payment structure based on the savings. Our goal is to achieve a Net-Zero Balance where ever possible.

Coordinating your Current Energy Solutions

Traditionally once a potential solution is identified, customers typically follow some sort of RFP process, through an RFP to an engineer, through an RFP to a contractor, then to a construction manager to fulfill execution. But your project will lose a degree of time, money and focus at each transition point. Also, because people are inclined to offer the solutions they know, your end product might not produce the results you anticipated, or include some of the leading-edge technology available.

We are independent energy experts with decades of experience and broad industry contacts. This means that we know where to look for your savings opportunities, and we have no pre-defined biases toward offering our clients the best available solutions. Arqwave leverages these industries contact to ensure the success of the project.

Don’t solve tomorrow’s challenges with yesterday’s technology. Arqwave is actively researching and constantly engaging with Clean Tech designers and manufacturers, seeking the most advanced, yet proven solutions on your behalf.

Real Sustainability

Sustainability with respect to energy is technically achievable, but we believe that true sustainability combines sustainable energy solutions with education and training. When our clients have the knowledge and expertise to take comfortable ownership, they can maintain and monitor their new systems, then continue to achieve not only current but future goals.