President's Message

“Delivering solutions that reduce stress on our environment and people’s budgets.”

At Arqwave, we are driven by a simple philosophy: Become our clients Trusted Advisors and Partners, as we engineer solutions for their business, whatever that may be. We align our expertise with our client’s business goals, so our clients can focus on their critical business needs.

I have had the opportunity to work everywhere from the boiler room to the boardroom, adding to my own skills project, business, finance and sales management experience to my portfolio. I have walked a million miles in the “shoes of our clients”, and it is this experience I strive to bring to my team, and that of our clients, to create strong value-add relationships.

Creating trusted relationships in the office, with our business partners; with a commitment to understanding the true needs of our clients; this is my formula for more meaningful success.

Add to this our unique opportunity to deliver solutions that reduce stress on our environment and on people’s budgets and we have some pretty compelling reasons to go the extra mile.

The work is so rewarding when you’re able to sit with a group and turn a light on to a problem that they haven’t been able to solve. Our Team is extremely driven, with a strong, results orientated work ethic, high standards of integrity and finally, everyone works together for the success of the organization and our clients.

We are extremely passionate about our work, to lead and drive change, with a focus on safety, productivity and overall project success.

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